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What is Symphony of the Cells?

Symphony of the CellsTM is a collection of 18 essential oil applications created by Boyd Truman.  They are designed to create harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually within the body.  Using his 26-years of background in the wellness industry, knowledge of the workings of the human body, and experience using pure, therapeutic-grade exxential oils, Boyd put together the applications.  Each protocol targes the different body systems and ailments.


SOC was created with the knowledge that each physical ailment is connected to a body system.  Therefore, when you perform an application of the oils, you are treating not only the condition, but the symptoms and underlying causes.  When performing the application best served for a specific body system/ailment, you create an opportunity for greater wellness, as well as introducing the power and practical uses of essential oils.


How Fast Essential Oils Work:

It takes 22 seconds for the molecules to reach the brain when inhaled.

It takes 2 minutes until the essential oils can be found in the bloodstream.

It takes 20 minutes until the oils have affected every cell in the human body.


How Are the Applications Applied?

The oils are placed on the back and the feet.  They are applied here because of the high volume of nerve endings located along the spine and bottoms of the feet.  The Symphony of the CellsTM applications allow for easy communication with the rest of the body.  When you feed the nerve endings, you are feeding all of the different organs and glands of the body.


How Often and How Much?

In general, if someone has a relatively positive history of health, a proactive approach is to perform an application 2-3 times a month.  For someone with a present condition, an application can be performed 2-3 times a week for 2 wee,s, then return to the proactive approach of 2-3 times a month.


The cost is $10 per application.  The following protocols are being offered:


Chi Protocol:  used for aches, arthritis, back pain, herniated disc, fibromyalgia, back pain, chronic fatigue, aches, inflammation, arthritis, bursitis, authoimmune diseases, tension, stroke, adrenal fatigue, gout, joint pain, migraines, muscle weakness, neuropathy, post-herpetic neuralgia, restless leg syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, scleroderma, scoliosis, seizures and tendinitis.


Digestive Protocol:  used for acid reflux, allergies, cirrhosis, colitis, constipation, Crohn's, diarrea, diverticulitis, firbroid cysts, gastritis, giardia, heartburn, hemmorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney infection, pancreatitis, stomach aches and ulcers.


Solar Protocol:  used for Addison's disorder, adrenal fatigue, adrenal gland cancer, adrenal incidentaloma, adrenal insufficiency, anorexia, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, diabetes, edema, interstitial nephritis, kidney stones, low energy, mental fatigue, renal failure, urinary tract infection, and renal cyst.


If you have questions or wish to receive a SOC Protocol, please call me at 716-465-2784.



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